Bitumen Manufacture


History of supplying bitumen 

At bitumen division bitumen shop focus on manufacture and international supplying of bitumen company from Iran and UAE. we supply all penetration grade bitumen by bulk vessel and drums packing method.also bitumen shop supply's viscosity for the road construction industry are produced by the company to meet global standards . bitumen shop is capable to deliver high quality bitumen product at competitive  price to all over the world

Two biggest bitumen manufactures in middle east 

Bitumen Shop Company most of time work with Government Refinery Such As Jey oil or Pasargad Oil .

there are too many Bitumen Manufacture in Iran but most of them Has mixture bitumen and the  Quality is not stable , so we suggest to All of bitumen importer that if you want to purchase  Guaranteed Bitumen Quality from Iran, we as on of the most trustworthy bitumen company are ready to help you .


Pasargad oil Refinery :  

pasargad oil

Focus on streamlined administrative red tape, optimization of the administrative system and recreation of a competitive atmosphere, more economic and social effectiveness, equilibrium between government and other economic sectors in the third and fourth five-year economic development plans convinced the government to approve the cession of bitumen production plants owned by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC).
To that effect, the NIORDC-run bitumen production plants at Tehran, Shazand, Abadan, Tabriz, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas refineries were ceded to the Social Security Organization and the State Pensions Fund. These two bodies then teamed up and established Pasargad Oil Company (POC) to administer the six bitumen production plants. Pasargad Oil Company was registered at Tehran Office for Registration of Companies and Industrial Properties on July 9, 2003. POC is currently a public joint stock company. It listed at Iran Farabours Company in March 2013


Jey OIl Refinery : 

jey oil refinery

Jey oil refining company is a leading company in bitumen industry which was established in 2003. Head office is located in Tehran and the factory is next to Isfahan Refinery. Jey owns one of the largest bitumen production units in the middle east which is producing various types of top quality bitumen in the world. 70% of our products are exporting globally. With our skilled human resources, we have over 40% of total bitumen production share in the country. One of the major objectives of our company is to fulfill domestic demands based on the latest standards as well as successful presence in global markets by providing high quality products. 



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