Oxidized bitumen 90/10

General description of oxidized asphalt 90/10

Oxidized asphalt 90/10 (in another word, oxidized bitumen 90/10, blown bitumen 90/10) is Semi Solid grade of pure petroleum bitumen manufactured by air-blowing through an asphalt flux. Special physical properties of its grade can be used in different applications in the construction business. Oxidized asphalt 90/10 is based on petroleum bitumen which is made by oxidized asphalt 60/70 by hot air. The numbers relate to the midpoint of the material’s softening point and penetration respectively. The softening point value is the degrees Centigrade measured by the Ring and Ball method as determined by ASTM D36. The penetration value is in 1/10 mm as determined by IP49 or ASTM- D5.
BITUMENSHOP Company guaranty the quality of BITUMENSHOP
Oxidized asphalt90/10 with the arrangement of the international inspector to check quality and quantity of the Oxidized asphalt 90/10 during the loading to the vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. BITUMENSHOP Company guarantees the quality to meet with ASTM.

Uses of oxidized asphalt 90/10

Oxidized asphalt 90/10 uses in the chemical, fuel, lacquers, varnishes, paint paper-pulp-board, textile processing, road construction, pavement, civil works, roofing, construction industries; sealing and insulating buildings, adhesive, crack seal and repairmen, construction materials additive, dust-binding, insulating and impregnating agent, make rubber and plastic products. The asphalt 90/10 products are for paving. also used in asphalt-based paints for corrosion protection of metals, in lining public works structures, adhesives in electrical laminates, base for synthetic turf; typical uses for asphalt 90/10 used also for water-proof application and corrosion resistance for pipe coating, Portland cement pavement, hydraulic applications, paint manufacturing, caulking, mastics, and damp proofing. asphalt 90/10 is using insulation and isolation bitumen membrane sheet. Also, Car undercoating Automobile industry is specially required for Blown Asphalt. Vehicle undercoating material is based on Bitumen. Bitumen provides excellent waterproof, dust proof and noise proof for automobile undercoating.

Application of oxidized asphalt 90/10

The asphalt 90/10 should be heated double temperature against the softening point to be able to have flow and viscosity. To use asphalt 90/10, surfaces must be dry, clean and free of loose particles, formwork, curing products, irregularities, slurry, etc.

Storage/handling of oxidized asphalt 90/10

Oxidized asphalt 90/10 has 10 years validity with multi-time heating and cooling.

Packing of oxidized asphalt 90/10

Various pickings are available for customer’s purpose and conveniences. BITUMENSHOP CO is the manufacturer of asphalt 90/10 in various packing including Kraft bag, meltable plastic bag, drum, and bulk asphalt 90/10 from penetration grade bitumen, which is blown by hot air in a controlled process until the desired specification is reached. BITUMENSHOP oxidized asphalt 90/10 can be supplied in any grade and are designated by two numbers to indicate the softening point and penetration ranges. The asphalt grade 90/10 means softening point is 90°c and penetration is 10 desi millimeter is produced in compliance and conformity with ASTM standard and meets the following specification

Specification of oxidized asphalt 90/10

Analysis asphalt 90/10


Bitumen 90/10

Test method



Specific gravity @25/25 C



1.05 approx.

Penetration @ 25°c




Softening point °c




Ductility @25 °c

ASTM  D113



Loss on heating(wt) %


Wt. %

0.2 max

Flashpoint c



250 min

Solubility is CS2(wt) %


Wt. %

99.5 max

Spot test



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