Service of Packing For All Bitumen Exporter 

The drumming of our high quality NIOC Bitumen From 2 Biggest Bitumen Refinery Jey oil  And Pasargad oil takes place in Isfahan  and Tehran City, where steel drums are manufactured and produced. Bitumen is then packed inside of these newly produced drums of various dimensions and weight, Poly Cubes or in Poly Bags. (During hot seasons Poly Bags are not possible for certain Bitumen grades.) We have a production capacity of up to 500 Metric Tons of Bitumen per day. Our processing plant is regularly used by various companies for their drumming and packaging needs, for we have the expertise in Quality Control and the equipment for this process which also consists of Re-Heating, and loading Bulk Bitumen into vessels at Bandar Abbas port in Iran.
Bulk Bitumen is brought by tank Lorries, Re-Heated and Pumped into the vessel of choice (this service is generally provided to our clients only.)



Due to the limitation of available Bulk Vessels in Iran, Bulk Bitumen is mainly sold on a FOB Bandar Abbas basis.

We can aid our clients with respect to logistical issues such as Shipping and Land Transportation.


If you are an Exporter of Bitumen and require our Packaging Services we welcome your inquiries.


Packaging Services for Bitumen Exporters

We are able to provide an array of packaging from new steel drums of 147 Kg, 150 Kg, 180 Kg, 200 Kg with or without pallets. Unfortunately pallets are costly, occupy too much space and they are not needed to transport bitumen for most of our orders.

When available our other packaging includes Poly Cubes or 1 metric ton Jumbo bags and  soon Bitutainers. Oxidized bitumen normally is packaged in 25 Kg polyethylene poly bags.

Lastly bitumen can be taken to neighboring countries via tank lorries containing hot bitumen. The sample can apply to bulk vessels in Bandar Abbas Port where our refinery is conveniently located. Due to the lack of bulk bitumen vessels we presently only supply bulk bitumen on a FOB basis.


Investment Opportunities with Bitumen Shop , Co 

There are many investment opportunities within our organization as there are many different projects in the making which require the investment of time, energy and finances. From the Export of Minerals to Petrochemicals we just may have the right project to introduce to you.

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