Chabahar Port is to be one of the exporting center in Iran

 bitumen in Chabahar Port

Chabahar port is to be one of  the exporting center in  Iran

Chabahar port as a developed port in Iran with having strategic position, which is near to international business ports, is going to be one of the exporting ports in Iran in the future”.Said Behrouz Aghaie, SISTAN &BLUCHESTAN ports &maritime organization of Iran. “We have invested about one billion dollars for developing Chabahar port and received many requests for investment in this port Since December 2018, so much that we have recorded 62%raise in performance growth and oil product loading”.he added. With having strategic position, Chabahar port is very good for exporting oil product specially bitumen. “Although Iran is the biggest Bitumen supplier and exporter in middle east and there are many requests for bitumen in the world, but only less than 20% of Asian bitumen and less than 10% of the global market belongs to Iran, so we hope to reduce bitumen price and make the market more competitive Due to Chabahar strategic position and its vicinity to international business ports”. Said Aghaie.


Iran make 500 million dollars from exporting bitumen

pasargad bitumen

 Iran make 500 million dollars from exporting bitumen

Iran as the  biggest bitumen supplier in Middle East export 1.5 million MT bitumen annually that make the revenue on 500 million dollars. Iran produces 6.5 million MT bitumen per year which 4 million Mt of this quantity is exportable”. said Amir Hussein Arya.

Pasargad oil company and jey oil as two major bitumen suppliers related to government export 1.5 million MT bitumen  per year to Asia, Europe, Africa mostly Persian Gulf states, Pakistan, Afghanistan, china, Malaysia and Singapore. we have bitumen production line in Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, Abadan, shiraz, Tabriz and Arak, and Iran as   few countries capable of producing all kinds of bitumen in the world such as industrial bitumen ,road bitumen ,cutback bitumen and bitumen mulch which is exported by Bandar Abbas and Bushehr ports each of them with capacity of 15000 MT “,he reiterated .

He also said: due to Chabahar port  capacity for exporting bitumen and also the strategic position along with the vicinity to international business paths ,we expect to bitumen price would decrease dramatically .


New Type of Bitumen on Global Standards that could change based on Traffic volume

Iranian researchers have achieved producing a new type of state-of-the-art bitumen based on the global standards whose quality can change based on traffic volume.

pasargad oil

 Pasargad Oil Company has achieved producing a new kind of bitumen associated with the latest global standards named (+PG), fits with road traffic volume.

“With having record of producing high quality bitumen proper to whether condition ,POC now has reached new way of producing bitumen based on road traffic volume “,according to RAHE DANA NEWS CHANNEL .

Categorizing bitumen based on “PG FUNCTION” has been started in Iran since four years ago and pasargad Oil Company is pioneer in producing this kind of bitumen.  PG based method bitumen  mostly satisfy the whether condition but in this new kind of bitumen based on new technology pasargad oil company has achieved ,bitumen is produced based on normal ,heavy and very heavy traffic volume .In “+PG “produced based bitumen by pasargad oil company which fulfills both whether condition and traffic volume, it could be said that Iran have achieved the latest standards of producing bitumen. As you know, on the reasons that affects the bitumen, life is the traffic volume and with new technology based bitumen, our expertise have succeed to increase bitumen life dramatically

10th International Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation and Related Machinery BAIEX-2019


bitumen shop trade show

Regarding high volume of Road construction operation in country and costly expenses of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation, all stages of operation and related machinery in subjects of Planning, Execution and Maintenance and finally persistence of finalizing the road construction operation and other construction clusters which has more importance, should be paid more appreciate and if have not treated properly will be damaged quickly and therefore not only will waste the early investment but will increase direct expenses in one hand and in other hand the indirect expenses of damages to its users.

In order to increase the level of quality and quantity and more accurate operation of asphalt and enhancing its lifetime, new procedures in parallel with other related industries could be applied which its one of the focused programs by managers and its undertakers.

The 9th Int'l Exhibition of Bitumen,Asphalt, Insulation and related machinery (BAIEX 2019)

Date: 12-15 February, 2019

Venue: Tehran International Permanent Fairground

Visiting Hours: 9 am -17 pm




Payment Type

FOB Bandar Abbas


180 Kg new steel Drums *Net Weight*


Bitumen prices last Updated: 05.15.2019




           260 USD/MT

100% LC at Sight


100% TT Advance

        295 USD/MT

50% TT Advance

302 USD/MT

30%  TT Advance

308 USD/MT

20% TT Advance

310 USD/MT

10% TT Advance

313 USD/MT