Ampex apply 8th bitumen exhibition in iran


Regarding high volume of Road construction operation in country and costly expenses of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation, all stages of operation and related machineries in subjects of Planning, Execution and Maintenance and finally persistence of finalizing the road construction operation and other construction clusters which has more importance, should be paid more appreciate and if have not treated properly will be damaged quickly and therefore not only will waste the early investment but will increase direct expenses in one hand and in other hand the indirect expenses of damages to its users.

In order to increase the level of quality and quantity and more accurate operation of asphalt and enhancing its lifetime, new procedures in parallel with other related industries could be applied which its one of the focused programs by managers and its undertakers.

The 8th Int'l Exhibition of Bitumen,Asphalt, Insulationg and related machineries (BAIEX 2017)

with registration No 92/320/54654 issued by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran  in Tehran International Permanent Fairgroud   supply some of its requirements in country.

It’s hoped this exhibition and so on movements could make an effective progress through reaching the international standards and sharing new technologies for quality improvement and sustaining new scientific and practical eras in all aspects.

Attendance of managers and affiliated responsible will give a right basis in continuation of such fairs and related conferences and in this respect we are alongside a new and general revolution pioneering this industry.

Reaching determined goals of fourth and fifth programs of 20 years improvement policy is important. We believe can have more proliferation with more endeavor.



1-      Making a continuous cooperation of Bitumen Industries, Asphalt and Insulation affiliates with consulting companies, contractors and active entrepreneurs in road construction operating sectors to make qualitative and quantitative improvements.

2-      Interact with hundreds of related industries decision makers attending the BAIEX 2017

3-      Meet thousands of trade visitors from throughout the region at BAIEX 2017

4-      Give technical presentations to selected audiences.

5-      Introducing the last scientific and technical improvements in Bitumen industries and related machineries.

6-      Making managers, affiliates and operators more familiar with Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation and related  industries, and develop new as well as existing relationships.

7-      Introducing activists in this sector to international importers and improving export.

8-      Introducing domestic capabilities in Bitumen,Asphalt,Insulation and related machineries internationally and improving export finally.

9-      Creating competition environment and sustaining quality of products and Keep abreast of your competitors.

10-   Benefit from listings and publicity in the official BAIEX 2017 catalogue and website which will act as directories for products and services.

11-   Optimizing energy consumption in Bitumen,Asphalt,Insulation and related industries .


Exhibition profile

1-      Producers, Importers and Exporters

  • Bitumen, Asphalt and Insulation factories and their machineries
  • Transporting & Packaging machineries of Bitumen, Asphalt  and Insulation

2-      All refinery units and emulsifiers of Bitumen including Polymerized, colored, fortified, special and ….Bitumen

3-      All Bitumen Exporters

4-      All importer and producer of Bitumen,Asphalt,Insulation Laboratories.

5-      All importer producer and exporter of raw materials, additives and fortifiers.

6-      Producers, importers and exporters of Bitumen protective, coaters, repairing, fillers and ….

7-      All producers, services of nanotechnologies in related industries

8-      Producers, importers and exporters of insulating industries and its household, rural, industrial, commercial appliances.

9-      Affiliated assemblies, organizations, consultants, contractors in this field.

10-   Producers, importers, exporters of affiliated industries.

11-   Software and hardware service providers in this sector.


Road Construction Exhibitors

1-      All consultants, contractors companies of road construction

2-      All producer, importer and exporter companies of Road machineries.

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Payment Type

FOB Bandar Abbas


180Kg new steel drums *Net Weight*


Bitumen prices last Updated: 12.06.2018




100% LC at Sight


100% TT Advance

       350 USD/MT

50% TT Advance

353 USD/MT

30%  TT Advance

355 USD/MT

20% TT Advance

357 USD/MT

10% TT Advance

359 USD/MT

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